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Attuned to strange passion, and full-utter’d groans;

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It did not sound exaggerated to Ruth to hear him thus made much of. It was only very sweet and true.

Attuned to strange passion, and full-utter’d groans;

"I knew just what he must be when I saw him," the girl babbled on; "that was why I went to him. I knew he was a doctor by his carriage, and his strong, kind face was my only stimulus. But there, you must forgive me if I tire you; you see he sent you to me."

Attuned to strange passion, and full-utter’d groans;

"You do not tire me, Rose," she said gravely. And the same expression rested upon her face till evening.

Attuned to strange passion, and full-utter’d groans;

Monday night had come. As Ruth half hid a pale yellow bud in her heavy, low-coiled hair, the gravity of her mien seemed to deepen. This was partially the result of her father's expressive countenance and voice. If he had smiled, it had been such a faint flicker that it was forgotten in the look of repression that had followed. In the afternoon he had spoken a few disturbing words to her:

"I have told your mother that Dr. Kemp is coming to discuss a certain project and desires your presence. She intends to retire rather early, and there is nothing to prevent your receiving him."

At the distantly courteous tone she raised a pair of startled eyes. He was regarding her patiently, as if awaiting some remark.

"Surely you do not wish me to be present at this interview?" she questioned, her voice slightly trembling.

"Not only that, but I desire your most earnest attention and calm reasoning powers to be brought with you. You have not forgotten what I told you to consider, Ruth?"

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