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The flow’rs had shut their eyes — the zephyr light

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He drew himself up and looked at her with a cold, grand air. This girl had been the only woman who had signally affected his life; yet if her only recognition of it was this cold manner, he could command the same.

The flow’rs had shut their eyes — the zephyr light

"I will come," he replied, looking unbendingly, with steely gray eyes, into her white passionless face, framed in its dark hood.

The flow’rs had shut their eyes — the zephyr light

She bowed her head--further words were impossible--and turned to the door.

The flow’rs had shut their eyes — the zephyr light

He watched her tugging in blind stupefaction at the strange bolt, but did not move to her assistance. Her head was bent low over the intricate thing; but it was useless, --it would not move, and she suddenly raised her eyes beseechingly to him; with a great revulsion of feeling he saw that they were swimming in tears. His own lips trembled, and his heart gave a wild leap. Then one of those unaccountable moods that sometimes masters the best swayed him strongly.

She was alone with him there; he could keep her if he wished. One look at her lovely, beloved face, and his higher manhood asserted itself. He unlatched the door, and still holding it closed, said in a deferential tone, --

"Will you not wait till I ring for my carriage?"

Nothing was left but for him to comply with her wishes; and as she walked out, he quickly got himself into his proper vestments, seized a vial from his office, and hurried after her. At this juncture the storm was frightful. Up the street he could see come one trying ineffectually to move on. Being a powerful man, he strode on, though the great gusts carried his breath away. In a few minutes he came alongside of Ruth, who was making small progress.

"Will you take my arm?" he asked quietly. "It will help you."

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